100 Lichens from Thailand: a tutorial for students
Pier Luigi Nimis, André Aptroot, Kansri Boonpragob, Kawinnat Buaruang, Vasun Poengsungnoen, Wetchasart Polyiam, Kajohnsak Vongshewarat, Sanya Meesim, Chaiwat Boonpeng, Supattara Phokaeo, Muthita Molsil, Phimpha Nirongbutr, Ek Sangvichien. Andrea Moro, Elena Pittao, Stefano Martellos
Images by various authors. Curator of the image archive: Andrea Moro

This is an interactive identification tool for 100 species of lichens commonly occurring in Thailand, prepared on the occasion of a workshop held in Bangkok in June 2017. Of course, this guide cannot be used to identify all lichens found in the Country, but it may be useful as a tutorial in workshops and courses for students and beginners, who will be asked to identify only the species which are included in the key. In this way, they will learn the basic terminology, and will make the first steps in lichen identification. The online key has two query interfaces: 1) A fully illustrated dichotomous interface, 2) A multi-entry interface where the user can select several characters at a time. At the end of the query, if several species share the specified set of characters, the system produces a dichotomous key for those species only. The dichotomous key is also available in several stand-alone versions: printable (Nimis et al. 2017), CD-Rom, and for mobile devices via the free app KeyToNature (Android and iOS). The key has been created using program FRIDA (Martellos 2010, Martellos & Nimis 2015) at the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Trieste (Italy), and will be further tested and implemented at the Department of Biology of the Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, to encompass a broader set of species.

Martellos S. (2010) - Multi-authored interactive identification keys: The FRIDA (FRiendly IDentificAtion) package - Taxon 59 (3): 922-929.
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Nimis P.L., Aptroot A., Boonpragob K., Buaruang K., Poengsungnoen V., Polyiam W., Vongshewarat K., Meesim S., Boonpeng Ch., Phokaeo S., Molsil M., Nirongbutr Ph., Sangvichien E., Moro A., Pittao E., Martellos S. (2017) - 100 Lichens from Thailand: a tutorial for students. - ISBN 978-88-8303-853-2, EUT, Trieste,123 pp. (pdf downloadable at: http://hdl.handle.net/10077/14598)

License CC BY-NC-SA