How to cite ITALIC 5.0

The present version of ITALIC is based on the information contained in the annotated checklist of Italian lichens by Nimis (2016).

Information retrieved from the current version of ITALIC 5.0 should be cited as:
1) Nimis P.L., 2016. The Lichens of Italy. A Second Annotated Catalogue. EUT, Trieste, 739 pp. - For all the data contained in the taxon pages.
or as:
2) P.L. Nimis & S. Martellos, 2017: ITALIC - The Information System on Italian Lichens. Version 5.0. University of Trieste, Dept. of Biology, ( - For all the other data and items (floristic and statistic query interfaces, TSB Herbarium, distribution maps, etc.).

Images are released under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, which means that everybody can use them for any purpose, provided that author, source and licence are cited. (e.g.: image by P.L. Nimis, from, CC BY-SA3.0)

To cite the software, and its development:
Martellos S., 2012 - From a textual checklist to an information system: The case study of ITALIC, the Information System on Italian Lichens. Plant Biosystems 146(4): 764-770

To cite the software used in the development of digital keys:
Martellos, S., 2010 - Multi-authored interactive identification keys: The FRIDA (FRiendly IDentificAtion) package. Taxon 59 (3): 922-929

To cite keys for mobile devices:
Nimis P.L., Riccamboni R., Martellos S., 2012 - Identification keys on mobile devices: The Dryades experience. Plant Biosystems 146(4): 783-788

Suggestions and critical remarks are welcome. They should be e-mailed to: P.L. Nimis (