Linuche aquila, Mayer 1910

Systematic position:
Classis Scyphozoa
Subclassis Coronamedusae
Ordo Coronatae
Familia Linuchidae (Haeckel, 1880)
Genus Linuche (Eschscholtz, 1829)
Linuche aquila (Mayer, 1910)

Synonims: Linerges aquila (Haeckel, 1880)

Morpho-anatomical characteristics
    Genus Linuche (Eschscholtz, 1829):
  • Bell thimble shaped, apex flat
  • Exumbrella with coronal furrow. Subumbrella with 2-3 circles of hollow protuberances which arise from the stomach pouches;
  • 16 marginal lappets, bluntly oval;
  • 8 tentacles, short and inconspicuos, alternating with rhopalia;
  • The central stomach opens by 4 ostia into a ring sinus which in turn breaks up into 16 branching, radiating pouches into marginal lappets;
  • Central mouth with 4 undivided lips;
  • 8 rhopalia;
  • 8 gonads, in 4 crescentic shaped pairs;
  • With symbiotic zooxanthellae.
    Linuche aquila (Mayer, 1910):
  • Bell 16mm wide, 13mm high;
  • Subumbrella without 48 wart like protuberances.
Life cycle: reproductive strategies unknown.
Geographical and seasonal distribution: Pacific Ocean.
Notes: According to WORMS, often regarded as conspecific with Linuche unguicolata (Schwartz, 1788) despite living in different oceans.