Trifolium ligusticum Loisel.

This annual clover with a strictly Mediterranean distribution is present in Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, and in all regions of Central, Southern and Insular Italy (since a long-time no more reported from the Marche). It grows in uncultivated grasslands, on rather primitive, more or les acidic soils that are dry in summer, mainly on siliceous substrates, from sea level to about 800 m, with optimum in the Mediterranean belt. The species is rare in the outer belt of the Sardinian temporary ponds, in contact with dry grasslands. The genus name derives from the Latin word 'tri' (three) and 'folium' (leaf), referring to the leaves, that are divided into 3 leaflets, the species name refers to the region of Liguria, from which the species was originally described. Flowering period: April to June.

Italian name(s):