Juncus tingitanus Maire & Weiller

Poales Small
Lilianae Takht.
Magnoliidae Novák ex Takht.

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© Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle (P), P00450402 - Type? of Juncus tingitanus Maire & Weiler [family JUNCACEAE] (stored under name); Verified 2001 – spurce - http://plants.jstor.org/specimen/p00450402

Fonte / Source:
Portale della Flora d'Italia / Portal to the Flora of Italy

The rush of Tangier is an annual species with a strictly Mediterranean, mainly western distribution, found in Sardinia (and not reported since a long time from Campania). The life-cycle can be spent part in water, part on moist to dry soil. It grows along the coasts on brackish, wet, sandy soils. It is a typical species of the Mediterranean temporary ponds, but in Sardinia it appears only sporadically, on the edges of the temporary ponds, in contact with coastal salt marshes. The genus name, from the Latin 'iúngere' (to join, to tie), refers to the ancient use of weaving the stems and leaves of rush species to create different objects; the species name refers to the city of Tangier in northern Morocco, from which the species was originally described. Flowering period: April to May.

Italian name(s): Giunco di Tangeri (Italia), Giunco tingitano (Italia)