Festuca sicula C.Presl

POACEAE Barnhart
Poales Small
Lilianae Takht.
Magnoliidae Novák ex Takht.

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© Hippolyte Coste - Flore descriptive et illustrée de la France, de la Corse et des contrées limitrophes, 1901-1906 - Public domain - copyright expired.

Fonte / Source:
Portale della Flora d'Italia / Portal to the Flora of Italy

This grass with a western Mediterranean-montane distribution is present, but generally very rare, in Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily and Abruzzo. It grows in mountain meadows and grassy clearings, from 600 to 1500 m. The species sporadically appears along the margins of the Sardinian temporary ponds, in contact with maquis vegetation. The genus is dedicated to the German pharmacist Johann Samuel Vulpius (1760-1846); the species name refers to Sicily, where the species is present. Flowering period: April to May.

Italian name(s): Paléo siciliano (Italia), Vulpia di Sicilia (Italia), Vulpia siciliana (Italia), Vulpia sicula (Italia)

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