Pier Luigi Nimis
Thelocarpon is a mainly northern-temperate genus of c. 25 species, usually found on soil, but also on bark, wood and rock, rarely lichenicolous. Several species are ephemeral, the ascomata and thalline warts appearing after fire or other disturbance, and disappearing in weeks. The genus is characterised by a chloroccoid photobiont (which may be absent), pale fragile ascomata, multispored asci and minute, mostly simple ascospores. Variation in ascocarp morphology and especially ascus structure suggested polyphyly, but the molecular study by Lumbsch & al. (2009) has proved its monophyly. The genus is currently classified in the Thelocarpaceae, but its precise phylogenetic placement within Pezizomycotina still remains unknown (Miadlikowska & al. 2014). Good descriptions and a key to the British species are in Orange (2013b).
The genus has been very poorly studied in Italy. This key includes all species of Thelocarpon which are known to occur in Italy (see Nimis 2016), plus several species known from neighbouring countries whose presence in Italy is possible, for a total of 17 infrageneric taxa.


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Last modified: June, 10, 2022