Pier Luigi Nims
The genus Bagliettoa accommodates a group of species formerly treated as members of Verrucaria, which are characterised by a radially sulcate involucrellum (missing in some species), immersed perithecia, and an endolithic thallus with a lithocortex, that occur on limestone or on dolomite, and have a mainly southern distribution in Europe. The group has been extensively treated by Halda (2003), who does not recognise it as worthy of being treated at generic rank and accepts a few species only. Molecular studies by Gueidan & al. (2007, 2009) have, however, demonstrated that the species included in Bagliettoa are indeed closely related, forming a well-defined lineage within the Verrucariaceae. The molecular study by Yuzon & al. (2013), which we mainly follow here, confirms that the genus is well-founded and recognizes 12 species worldwide, 8 of which, plus the poorly known B. crassiuscula and B. caesiella, are known from Italy (Nimis 2016).


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Last modified: November, 26, 2022