Pier Luigi Nimis
The genus Scoliciosporum A. Masssal., now included in its own family Scoliciosporaceae, contains c. 15 species in temperate and subtropical areas. It somehow resembles Micarea, differing in the Lecanora-type asci, the large-celled photobiont, and the paraphyses with a dark cap. S. pruinosum deviates in several important characters, including ascus-type, and will be probably transferred to another genus. According to Miadlikowska & al. (2014), Scoliciosporum intrusum does not belong to this genus, and is better provisionally treated as a member of Micarea.
The present key includes all species of Scoliciosporum hitherto reported from Italy (Nimis 2016), plus a few species reported from neighbouring countries in the Alps (see Nimis & al. 2018), whose presence in Italy is probable, for a total of 8 species.


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