Pier Luigi Nimis
The present key includes all members of the Lichinaceae with a Nostocoid photobiont (see Schultz & Büdel 2002) known to occur in Italy (Nimis 2016), plus three species which are known from neighbouring countries in the Alps (Nimis & al. 2018) and should be looked for in Italy, for a total of 10 species. The following genera are included:
1) Lempholemma Körb., with c. 35 species, is a very heterogeneous genus including both flat, foliose species resembling a Collema, and squamulose or microfruticose species. According to Jørgensen (2007), the latter could be perhaps treated as members of the genus Spilonemella Nyl. Keys to most European species were published by Clauzade & Roux (1985), Wirth & al. (2013) and Jørgensen (2007). The species of the Eastern Alps were studied by Schiman-Czeika (1988).
2) Lemmopsis (Vain.) Zahlbr., a genus including 3 species occurring in arid to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, on calcareous rocks and clay soil. The genus was monographed by Ellis (1981).


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Last modified: August, 18, 2021