Pier Luigi Nimis
Waynea Moberg, a genus of the Ramalinaceae described to accommodate a single species from North America (Moberg 1990), presently comprises 7 species mainly occurring in areas with a Mediterranean climate (one species, however is limited to Siberia). The genus is characterised by a squamulose thallus, a well developed upper eucortex, laminal, biatorine apothecia with an algal layer below the hypothecium, asci of the Bacidia-type, and ellipsoidal to acicular, 0-5-septate ascospores. Important information of species of the genus is in Abassi Maaf & Roux (1985), van den Boom 2010, Bricaud & Roux (1993), Otte (2007), Roux & Giralt (1991), Roux & Clerc (1991), Roux & al. (1995), and Tretiach (1998).
The present key includes the 3 species known from Italy (Nimis 2016), plus another species, recently described from Greece (Llop 2006), which should be looked for in Italy.


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Last modified: September, 5, 2022