Pier Luigi Nimis
Chrysothrix Mont. presently includes c. 17 species in the family Chrysothricaceae (Nelsen & al. 2009, Ertz & Tehler 2011). The species with a bright yellow thallus (pulvinic acid derivatives) constituted the original core of the genus (Laundon 1981). Recent phylogenetic studies have shown that Chrysothricaceae thus delimited is paraphyletic and further includes taxa lacking pulvinic acid derivatives, which were previously classified in the genus Arthonia (Nelsen & al. 2009; Frisch & al. 2014). Most species occur on acid substrata (bark, lignum or siliceous rocks). The genus, in its present circumscription (including Alysphaeria), seems to be heterogeneous. It was monographed for Australia by Elix & Kantvilas (2007). Information on individual species can be found in Thor (1988), Tønsberg (1992, 1994, 2004), Kalb (2001), Harris & Ladd (2008), Smith & al. (2009), Lendemer & Elix (2010), Wirth & al. (2013).
The present key includes the 4 species known to occur in Italy (Nimis 2016), plus a further species whose presence in the country is possible.


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Last modified: September, 7, 2022