Interactive guide to the lichens of M. Valerio (Trieste)

P.L. Nimis, S. Martellos, M. Castello
A guide to the lichen flora (132 taxa) of M. Valerio, a small hill at the periphery of Trieste which is part of the Botanical Garden of the University, has been published by Martellos et Castello (2005). This is the interactive version of that guide, and it might be useful for educational purposes. Nomenclature follows Nimis et Martellos, 2003.


  • Martellos S., Castello M., 2004: An automatically-produced key to the lichens of Mt. Valerio (Trieste, NE Italy). Gortania 26: 79-104
  • Nimis, P.L., Martellos, S., 2003: A Second Checklist of the Lichens of Italy with a Thesaurus of Synonyms, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Saint-Pierre, Aosta. Monografie 4, 192 pp.