Lotus parviflorus Desf.

Fabales Bromhead
Rosanae Takht.
Magnoliidae Novák ex Takht.

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Fonte / Source:
Portale della Flora d'Italia / Portal to the Flora of Italy

This annual plant with a strictly Mediterranean, mainly western distribution is present in Tuscany, in Lazio, and in all regions of Southern Italy and the Islands. It grows in rather disturbed, dry habitats, on predominantly sandy soil which are arid in summer, from sea level to about 500 m. The species is very rare in the outer belt of the Sardinian temporary ponds, in contact with dry meadows. The genus name derives from the Greek 'lotos' and the Latin 'lotus', designating different Fabaceae or edible forage, including clover and sweet clover; the species name refers to the small size of the flowers, compared to those of other congeneric species. Flowering period: April to June.

Italian name(s): Ginestrino a fiori piccoli (Italia), Ginestrino parvifloro (Italia), Loto parvifloro (Italia)

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